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Over the years, we've analyzed, architected solutions and solved business critical problems providing our customers with modern tools to automate and optimize their workflows. Here is a video highlighing one of our products LOTFITS.


Dynamically Determining Fit For Homebuilders

LOTFITS solves a huge business problem for the homebuilding industry of knowing 'Will a customers dream home fit on their dream lot?'. This problem has historically been solved by antiquated solutions that require significant manual effort to find results. LOTFITS automates the entire process, taking an effort of weeks and consolidating it to hours.


Scheduling Assistant for Aggregate Haulers

The aggregate hauling industry is responsible for significant impact to all building and construction projects. One of their biggest struggles is keeping track of orders, schedules and progress throughout the day with a reduced office staff and an employee base whose focus is driving. SimpleHaul provides easy dispatching and schedule tracking for the company but also for your employees.


Dynamically Determine Dirt Balance of Final Grade

LOTFITS solves the understanding of if a home will fit within the boundaries of the X,Y,Z axis of the provided topography. DirtFITS enhances LOTFITS and allows its customers to apply a expected finish grade to lots in construction to automate anticipated dirt surplus or shortage. With accurate data and thought out grading profiles, DirtFITS will automate your estimating and construction management of site work.


Shopify - Detect and Stop Fraud

Owning an operating an ecommerce store is a huge task. Fraud Scanner equips shopify store owners with tools to fight fraud and scammers by utilizing key orderĀ  indicators. Each store is able to handle their risk tolerance based on their unique custom rules.


"LOTFITS has been a great addition to our customer experience and sales process. The benefits on the engineering side have immeasurable impact to our organization."


Anthony Lombardo
Lombardo Homes

"We first looked at LOTFITS due to the topographical challenges in our market. Their 3D analysis of FIT was a game changer for our organization in addition to the many other LOTFITS benefits."

STL Homebuilder

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